We use Express post satchels to send our parcels within Australia. Our dispatch days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 11am.




Fashion Parties can be run at your convenience, whilst being a fun way to shop in a friendly, low stress environment among friends.

Once you have made your wholesale purchases, you can create your guest list and prepare invitations. There are some great programs that you can use to create some beautiful invites, just explore online!

It may help you increase your sales by accepting credit cards, it is a proven fact that it can actually increase your sales by up to 30%. Contact your current bank or do some research first, but be careful about which contracts you enter and fees and charge that will apply. You can actually get mobile merchant facilities these days, which makes it ever so convenient for doing fashion parties.

After hosting your first party, you will probably have a few attendees that would like to host their own party. Giving them an incentive will boost your sale dramatically, why not offer a free garment and a portion of the sales if your sale target is reached? If your sales target is $500 you could give them 5%, and believe me 90% of women are likely to spend it on another garment anyway!! This is a business that you can grow as little or as much as you want, the potential is amazing.


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